Today we have a debut infographics, which is dedicated to the extended snippets in the Google search engine.

We will tell you about the moments that help to attract more attention on the search pages and increase the return – a number of visits to the promoted site.

If you are still afraid to get confused in the site code and its markup, here is the convincing information in favor of using extended snippets and their impact on the clickability of a link, as well as on the effectiveness of resource promotion:

  • In far 2011, Marketing Tech Blog published inspiring data. According to this resource, the authorship attribution of articles with the snippet of the journalist’s photo provided the blog with a CTR growth of 484%. Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge, but the numbers remained. Think about it, the author’s photo next to the link to the site increased the CTR by hundreds of percent! Let Google Authorship is no longer supported, but there are other types of extended snippets.
  • Matt Cutts does not explicitly confirm that extended descriptions affect the ranking of sites in the issuance. But he says that in some areas the introduction of micro-markup improves the visibility of the site. Once again, notice that extended snippets increase the visibility of the website. Even if it is not about the positions of the resource, the bottom line is that you need clicks, but not the first place in the search results. By the way, Rand Fishkin argues that clicks can influence the position of the site in the SERP. If he is right, then Matt Cutts is cunning when talks about the lack of influence of the snippets on the position.
  • The Catalyst marketing agency tested extended snippets several years ago. They provided the culinary site with a 150% increase in CTR.
  • According to Search Engine Land, the Netherlands site, dedicated to car insurance, with the help of extended snippets increased the CTR of extradition links by 28%.
  • Marketers from Builtvisible talk about the increase in CTR with the help of extended descriptions.

Is it convincing enough? 🙂

Snippets bring you additional transitions to the site. If you can convert traffic, immediately implement extended descriptions. They will bring you new deals. The infographics below will help you do this:

Google Snippets SearchEva infographics


Finally, if you do search engine promotion for your business, then at least do not forget to increase the number of transitions from the search using advanced snippets.

Many websites do this and get a regular return in the form of a larger percentage of Google search conversions.

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