Joao Gonzales takes part in SaaS for Starters podcast series

Today’s podcast is dedicated to a small self-funded SaaS Company with three people in a team that has achieved fabulous success among the software business in Brazil. Today’s guest is João Gonzales – co-founder of MediaMobi company that helps businesses and digital agencies to manage and create engaging content across social networks.

Before launching their main start-up, the guys were developing marketing platforms for games, e-commerce and other SaaS platforms. But during the work, they felt the inefficiency of the process between digital agencies, brands and their suppliers to make content. And they decided to fix things.

Currently, this multifunctional place for content creation and edition is used by more than 500 companies in Brazil. But there are difficulties in any fairy tale. Every step forward has been hard won, especially the very first customer. The team faced a series of challenging decisions regarding how to establish contact with potential clients; how to deliver their SaaS; what price will they be willing to pay and will it be beneficial for the startup?

So what is the secret of the success of Media Mobi? Self-development. Having no investors behind them, the guys worked and learned new things, and mostly, with the help of the old-good Google! As a result – now they are deserved representatives of a new generation of marketing in their country.

On the example of Media Mobi, we learned that the key to the success of a startup depends on a really cool idea, incredible self-motivation for its implementation, as well as an understanding of who is your target buyer and what offer he cannot refuse.

Listen to the episode below

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