Our today`s guest is Josh Pines – co-founder of Sirenum – the SaaS company which helps organizations gain efficiencies across the entire staff management lifecycle. Let`s learn more how the idea of the platform for transforming the way organizations connect with their staff was developed by people from absolutely different professional spheres.

Before joining Sirenum, Josh (who holds a BA from Brandeis University and an MBA from the University of Miami) received an impressive experience working the software strategy marketing for 6.5 years at IBM; and was a member of Korn Ferry International – one of the world’s leading executive search firms. That’s when Josh pointed out the shortcomings in HR management.

Having other plans for his future life and career, different from being “chief marketing officer”, Josh Pines did “what would a good MBA does”. In 2004 he met Benjamin – CEO of a staffing business in the rail industry in London. Together they tried to fix the problem many local workers faced with: the need to be managed on an hourly basis. After half a year of fruitful teamwork, Josh became a co-founder of Sirenum.

The idea of Sirenum was born when Josh and Benjamin realized that technology was going to be the tool to help their business grow efficiently. They started to provide technology to sort the process either for payroll or health and safety perspective. An attempt to improve staff management within the firm resulted in a project that helps today to increase the engagement of part-time, temporary and mobile workers, and improve health and safety compliance in highly regulated industries for other companies.

The scale and success of this startup amaze: from the bland online brochure Sirenum turned into popular SaaS platform which successfully serviced the Olympics and provided staff for the ticket taping at large events. Sirenum platform is now used to manage more than 100,000 workers across tens of thousands of sites around the globe and is adding thousands of workers every month.

So, this story shows us, how two people, who come together from different areas of practice can build a socially-oriented business together with the set of unique skills and experience and get something really mature and strong to help others to grow.

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