This episode is a story of success about a guy who was studying information sciences, but suddenly his life changed – he got into SEO and been in love with it ever since. Today’s guest is Steven Van Vessum – the co-founder and chief customer officer of ContentKing Company, an app that offers a real-time SEO auditing and content tracking solution since 2015.

He had been working in SEO for 3 years before starting his agency. Most of all, together with second co-founder they sold successful SEO agency to make a much bigger impact on the industry and create ready-to-use software, rather than just being an agency and building websites.  And now ContentKing is a real-time SEO auditing and change tracking solution with 3000 users and 75 million pages monitored on a daily basis.

However, he had been working hard in website building and optimization before he decided to sell off the agency and focus on ContentKing. And it was not an easy decision to sell a successful business, but he wanted to do something else and develop different skills.

So, after a 18 months of development, they launched their app which gives you insight into issues and changes in your website from a technical and content point of view. On top of that, the application sends alerts in case of big issues and changes. Moreover, now his company 14 people on board.  Isn’t it awesome?

Using their experience and skills in the right way, Steve is creating something new, extraordinary and fresh for SEO – Saas business with a strong team and energetic people that attracts more users every day.

This is an inspiring story which gives you some important lesson that if you think you can and keep pushing yourselfyou can do things that you never thought were possible.

Listen to the episode below

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