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You are afraid to outsource link building, I understand. Outsourcing helps save costs, but you can risk losing quality. Communication with publications is about building long-term relationships, you’re not sure how an agency will cope with that. Got it… Wait, but why?

Is it so riskily to outsource link building and outreach? How to do that right? Here are our [myth-busting] observations:

Yes, you can find professionals

Link building is time-consuming and it requires attention to detail and consistency. Generating guest article topics and content proposals also require creativity and a good understanding of industry, audience, and product/service.

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So, you need someone who:

  • Has a proven work record. Ask the candidates about their previous experience, what companies they worked for, in what markets, and what link building tactics they used. It’s ok to ask about the average response rate they had. Of course, that metric depends on many factors and can be different for your project, but at least it helps reveal experienced link builders who keep track of their results.
  • Has high work ethic. Look through the reviews of their previous clients if those are available online. Check if the candidates share their feedback as well, especially in response to negative reviews from clients. Responsible workers usually strive for constructive feedback and simply can’t leave negative critique without attention.

Takeaway: Pay attention to experience and portfolio. Specialized agencies and freelancers who do link building for years know how to both scale and personalize. They’re also on the lookout for new tactics and always test. Your task is to work with your SEO agency effectively.

You should still pay for quality

Finding a super-cheap link building service is a bad goal. Finding a quality, affordable solution is what you should look for.

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Pay-per-hour payment is OK and it’s more preferred by link builders due to an obvious reason – None can’t predict precisely how many links and of what quality they can get by doing a particular amount of work.

Also, keep in mind that seasoned link building professionals usually have some established relationships they built and nurtured with publications but:

  • That doesn’t guarantee your content will be published as different websites have different content guidelines and editorial policies.
  • There are chances those publications won’t work for you – they can be not relevant, or lose their authority since the last time link builders posted there, or not have significant targeted traffic (30,000 monthly visits from Poland mean nothing to you if your goal is to reach Aussie audience).

Takeaway: Good link building agencies request a decent payment. Hourly payment is a common practice for this type of work. Don’t count merely on the connections link builders already have. Invest in building new relationships and earning links that work exactly for you.

Link building is highly scalable

When you take a closer look at link building process, you will see it’s not complicated, but it takes countless hours of consistent work and learning.

Luckily, you can easily break the whole process into clearly defined parts and choose whether you want to outsource one part or all of them:

Gathering data – At first, you need to look for suitable targets (sites) that are relevant to your business. Then you select prospects with decent authority, trust, strong backlink profile, and traffic.

Selecting appropriate contacts – If we talk about big sites, you would want to reach out to editors, content marketers, or communication managers. These people deal with content directly and decide on the content strategy and partnerships.

Outreach – The right outreach is NOT sending a blast of emails with where the name of the recipient is the only element of personalization. The right outreach is sending well-crafted, personalized emails with a clear CTA to the right people (decision-makers). Also, don’t forget about follow-ups.

Writing content – Guest posts, guides, introductions to infographics. This stage is important, remember: Content is the king and small businesses promote with content marketing.

Closing the deal – Make final edits if editors ask, share your guest post or page where they linked back to you on social media, send them a ‘thank you’ message. Be nice and get a link!

Takeaway: Link building is time-consuming and link building can be scaled via outsourcing. If you let experienced agencies or solo professionals work even on some parts of the link building process, they are likely to quality links faster than an in-house team you would need to train from scratch.

Outsourcing can be an effective way to save time and money when you need to achieve long-lasting results with white-hat link building. Sure, you won’t have full control over what they do every minute… but you can monitor the results and provide your feedback.

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Agree on the frequency and form of reporting, so you know how the process is going. It usually takes 3+ months to see first results.

If you want to start your link building journey, give SearchEva SEO agency a shot!

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