This is a great case of the content marketing campaign for SAAS business who understands the importance of work with influencers, as well as patience it takes to get desirable results.

With the launch of new SAAS offering, this client wanted to work with word of mouth and get natural marketing campaign.

The problem

When we started more than 50% of visitors was direct traffic. They did SEO before this campaign, main target markets are Europe, USA and Australia. But outcome from this was not consistent.

For 5 years of website existence there were no significant organic growth and organic traffic was around 500 – 950 sessions per month, in the niche with Search Volume 27 000 – 110 000.

We started working with this employee scheduling software after their unpleasant experience with SEO service provider. They worked for 3 months, got only cheap paid links from unreputable sources, which disappeared with the end of the promotion.

The solution


  • We started to run blog extensively – use of keywords in articles and content calendar,
  • Established internal linking, with use of target terms


  • Influencer outreach links from external websites to internal landing pages
  • Social outreach – work with popular people on twitter and LinkedIn to grow information about our brand
  • Infographics

The first year we were focused mainly on guest contributions to relevant high-quality websites. We established relationships with recognizable experts in the niche and negotiated publication of the mention on their sites.

Second year apart from pure content promotion we added the multimedia distribution of infographics alongside content. As a result, we grew the number of domains linking to our site exponentially.

Overall we’ve been working for less than 2 years and during this period their organic traffic grew in 30 times.

As you can see there was a drop in the traffic due to the withdrawal of the free offering on the website. Level of sales stayed the same during that period and continued to grow with time.

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