This project has been with us for a long time. We have fought with technical issues on the site and with a Google filter, which was inherited from previous SEO specialists. Let’s see what results were achieved after solving these problems.

The Problem

To begin with, a bit of background. Data on traffic and traffic before the promotion began were bad. When manual sanctions were imposed by Google traffic decreased almost to zero. There could be no sales.

Our Goals

As the main goal, we determined the increase in the number of sales from the site. To achieve this goal, we have identified a number of lower-level objectives:

– remove Google’s manual sanctions;

– solve technical problems;

– finalize the structure;

– optimize pages for targeted keywords.

The Process

With the implementation of the SEO-audit and the successful removal of manual sanctions we were able to set the foundation for further promotion. Easy ways to quickly get SEO traffic lead to filters and sanctions, so it is impossible to get stable results without a reliable foundation.

The next step was to refine the structure of the site for full coverage of all the target keywords. There we faced the problem of implementing our recommendations on the existing CMS. It took a lot of time to change the internal structure and remove duplicate pages.

Interaction with client’s programmers is an important time for SEO. If the communication is properly established and SEO objectives are prioritized to the required level, the promotion process will not rest on the development constraints. The implementation of modifications on the client side requires the participation of both parties, because “ordered and forgotten” does not fit here.

We have closed from indexation all unnecessary pages and tried to limit their scanning as much as possible so that robots do not spend their efforts to bypass unnecessary documents.

We also:

  • Implemented a number of improvements to optimize the speed of loading pages;
  • optimized meta tags for targeted requests;
  • wrote optimized texts;
  • linkbuilding;
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