The Problem

This SaaS company was on the market for two years and was not ranking for any target terms. The goal was to improve rankings for high trafficked keywords via: SEO (on- and offsite), content marketing, and building an authoritative link footprint.

The Solution

On the preparatory stage, we checked website for content and meta tag duplicates, examined internal pages for errors and relevance, studied and fixed keyword relevance in meta tags etc.

Overall we checked whether content corresponded to what people searched, and what Google showed up in SERP. As the result, we fixed internal issues that may have influenced the organic growth of the website. We also created keyword map to structure our internal URLs and got a clear picture of keywords we should have focused on.

The Process

With a plan in hand, we created content for the brand to attract new audiences and earn authoritative links. To achieve higher results we:

– Checked existing keywords the website ranked for, used Ahrefs and Semrush to extract out all the organic keywords their website ranked for on the 2nd and 3rd pages of Google search results…

– We arranged the keywords in descending order on the basis of their search volume and picked up the top 5 buyer intent pages.

– We started link building campaign for all the selected pages using long tail variations of the main keywords. Remember, we have a complete process in place and we only reach out to sites with good design, good content, and decent organic traffic.

– We added more useful content to all those pages and tried to make every content piece better than before.

– We added LSI keywords to internal and blog pages to rank the pages for more relevant keywords.

– Increased Keyword density by adding the main keyword 3,4 times into the content pieces.

The Result

Just in two months we achieved 1st page for a high-trafficked keyword and increased organic traffic by 150%.

Our link building strategy included:

  • Forum Link Building
  • Guest Blogging
  • Relevant Sources
  • Partnerships

And just in 2 months since the start, we got the following boost in traffic. The website achieved an organic traffic increase of 150%

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