This is a perfect example of how it is possible to achieve unlimited growth in organic traffic right after SEO audit.

We promoted an IT service provider and consultancy offering a complete range of professional cloud solutions for complex cloud architectures on AWS.

The Problem

For 3 years of the company’s existence, the efficiency of the SEO work was tending toward zero. There was no essential internal website optimization, and site had poor organic presence. Our main goal was to increase organic traffic in the US.

  • Poor and inconsistent backlink structure, while competitors had 18 times more unique linking domains to their websites than our website.
  • Unoptimized website
  • No analysis of competitors activity or link building

Our website at the start had 32 referring domains. One of the competitor’s websites at the start:

case study data


The Solution


  1. Website Audit. During website audit we:

– identified the problem with missing meta tags on article pages, blog and other important pages, fixed it. Now blog articles could be crawled separately, before they had identical meta tags;

– Identified duplicate meta titles, descriptions and h1 tags. Created and implemented unique titles and descriptions for each page of the website, such as category or case studies pages.

– removed broken links and unnecessary 301 & 404 redirects from the website

– Implemented proper pagination within the website to avoid duplication of the content

– Created sitemap.xml to index pages we want to get indexed,

– cleared website from unnecessary pages or links, removed them from indexation (some pages operated with http:// protocol)

– Improved page speed of the website.


  1. Competitive research

graph growth semrush

During this stage we identified fast growing competitors and reviewed their websites to allocate best techniques we can implement on our website. Most important – we checked their link profiles to identify link structure, successful content marketing ideas and opportunities for our client.


  1. Link building


On the basis of competitive research, we have developed a suitable work plan. We compared popular pages to current keyword ranks, chose keyword groups that we were going to work with, and that can give most fruitful results.

We were focused on the increase of the number of good, long-lasting links to improve link profile, while paying attention to the quality of links.



Firstly, we instantly got additional traffic after the implementation of the website audit recommendations. When blog articles got indexed with proper meta tags, we received a bunch of new Google search ranks. At the start one of the most important keywords with Adwords CPC of $20 was on the 25th place in Google search. Just in one month, it grew up to the 6th position. As the result, we got 30 times more visitors only from this search query.

case study growing

Secondly, after 6 months of link building campaign, we increased the number of linking domains in 3 times from the start to 107 referring domains with high-quality links from reputable niche resources. The number of links grew organically as we ran our content marketing campaign.

We have also increased number of keywords site ranks for. This number started to grow steadily with the start of promotional campaign and blog development.

domain growth ahrefs

In terms of organic traffic, we achieved almost 200% growth in monthly traffic just in 6 months from the start  (in comparison to the same period in the previous year). It was possible because of domain history, optimized website, the presence of quality content, and competent promotional campaign from our side.

case study analytics growth

The overall growth of organic traffic looks as following:

Our work lasted around 6 months, thanks to a solid combined effort of SEO and great natural marketing, they have been continuously rising since the start.


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